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Our Kitchen

Connected, updated, and aware of all the changes happening all around us, at Wayku we want to provide a conscious diet, with a signature twist, and with the best techniques and ingredients that the Americas give us.


Wayku is a culinary and mixology drinks experience, with touches of nomadic cuisine.


Our concept is suitable for all audiences. We seek to involve all those who do not consume classic signature cuisine, that is why we will seek to propose dishes with “well known” ingredients, but with a fresh and innovative twist.


Our Chef

Matteo Gritti was born in 1993 in Milan, Italy. 

Both Chef and DJ, Matteo Gritti is, above all, a curious and experimental figure.

In addition to his success with music, his rhythm in the kitchen and passion for authentic taste sets a higher standard for worldwide emerging chefs. 


His inspiration comes from the world around him – art, music, slow food. 

In a time where genres are intertwined and re-imagined, it's hard to pigeonhole Matteo’s style. Instead, his creations shifts and changes to best capture a particular moment or feeling.


When he was just 23 years old, Matteo opened his first restaurant in Buenos Aires. Only a few years later he started working in fine dining restaurants in Italy, learning how to manage Michelin Star restaurants’ kitchens.

In all these years Matteo developed unbreakable ties with his suppliers, all of which share his values and help him in his mission as a chef. 


Matteo is now part of the team opening Wayku in Wynwood, Miami. 

A new concept of cuisine: modern & borderless, like today's world. 


Matteo’s purpose is  to provide powerful but simple dishes, with a signature twist, using the best techniques and ingredients that the Americas may offer him. 

– Instagram : @grittimatteo 

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