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Our Kitchen & Bar

Connected, updated, and aware of all the changes happening all around us, at Wayku we want to provide a conscious diet, with a signature twist, and with the best techniques and ingredients that the Americas give us.


Wayku is a culinary and mixology drinks experience, with touches of nomadic cuisine.


Our concept is suitable for all audiences. We seek to involve all those who do not consume classic signature cuisine, that is why we will seek to propose dishes with “well known” ingredients, but with a fresh and innovative twist.


Our Mixology

In Mona Gallosi’s life there are many bridges. The first dates back to more than 20 years ago, when she moved from Rio Negro – where she was born – to Buenos Aires. There, step by step, she managed to create her own brand which established her as a gastronomic businesswoman and an entrepeneur.

At the very beginning, she worked as a bartender and mixologist at the most important bar and restaurants’ counters, and there she discovered her passion for mixes and yet simplicity, which later made her a referent for brand and colleagues in the gastronomic world.


Her goal is to let everybody access the cocktail world. This was another bridge she built so that the majority could understand a language based on flavors, textures and aromas. This way she started to be part of different television and radio’s programs, such as Metro y Radio Con Vos, where she now works as a communicator and where she keeps her own programs’ column.

Her latest bridge was built in an ambitious space for events, labs and experiences, called Puente G, where she had the possibility to transfer her experience and part of the “around the world trip” drinks and aromas, even if her trip doesn’t end there, because there are still many bridges to cross.


– Instagram : @monagallosi

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